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Failing to provide proper maintenance for your garage door and opener are mistakes that can cost you dearly. Small problems become big problems and before you know it, you are spending hundreds of dollars on new equipment well before you should have to. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Arlington can help you avoid this problem by performing the necessary preventive maintenance.

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Experienced technicians at your service

An experienced technician will begin with a careful inspection of all components to identify any parts that may be worn or broken. This includes examining the counterbalance system, rollers, door panels and external weather seal. The technician will tighten any lose hinges, brackets or mounts and replace any that have failed or look they are about to fail.

Lubricate moving parts

Lubricating all moving parts is essential to proper maintenance. Friction can interfere with the smooth operation of the door and eventually will cause premature wear of any metal components. A garage door specialist knows how to lubricate, where to lubricate and how much to lubricate. Too much oil in the wrong place will attract debris and dirt, which will only clog the works and defeat the purpose of lubricating in the first place. Areas that require attention include steel rollers, hinges, roller stems, bearings and springs. The smooth movement of these parts will ensure the door operates without unnecessary stress or strain on the various components. When inspecting the door opener, the technician will make sure the rear sprocket, chain and front idler sprocket are able to move without resistance. Additional tasks include adjusting the electronic sensor alignment so it can prevent the door from closing on anything that is blocking its path and checking the opener's down force pressure. Our technicians will also perform a safety check of the various systems designed to prevent injury to users. This includes examination and testing of the door track, springs, opener sensors, safety release and other components.

Pay attention to your door

As a homeowner, you can do your part by noting any signs that the door needs service. If the door requires extreme force to open or fails to remain fully open, it is probably out of balance. Fixing this problem requires an adjustment to the springs until the force exerted from both sides is equal. Only a trained professional has the skills and knowledge necessary to make this type of adjustment safely.

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Pulleys, rollers, cables and springs experience extreme tension and will eventually wear out. Something as simple as a frayed cable can potentially damage other parts in the system and lead to failure. This can cause property damage or physical harm to anything or anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. You can avoid this kind of damaging equipment failure and save money by recognizing the need for regular maintenance and acting accordingly. Call the experts at Garage Door Repair Arlington for more information about when to schedule a safety check and maintenance. Fixing the small problems will ensure your garage door and opener provide many years of reliable service.

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