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An automatic garage door opener is a modern convenience that makes it easy to open and close a door on demand by pushing a button on a remote control unit. If you park your car in the garage, you can operate the door safely from inside the vehicle and avoid the need to raise and lower it by hand, which can cause an injury. Openers will usually last for years and perform without fail for several thousand cycles. Daily use, however, will eventually put enough stress on the various components that one or more may fail over time. If you push the button on your garage door opener and nothing happens, you need help from the experts at Garage Door Repair Arlington.

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Counterbalance springs

Contrary to what many people believe, the counterbalance springs and not the garage door opener are responsible for providing the lifting power. The opener merely controls how far the door opens and closes. Door openers are available in various configurations with the chain drive garage door opener being the most common. These affordable devices feature a chain that travels along a rail. The system also consists of gears, rollers and balanced pins. When power is interrupted to the device, an override system allows manual operation.

Belt drive garage door opener

This Opener uses a rubber belt enforced with steel in place of the chain. This type of opener operates smoothly and does not produce as much noise as an opener with a chain drive. A belt drive opener is more expensive but is the better option if the garage is adjacent to a bedroom or some other living area. Garage door openers, including those offered by LiftMaster, are available with various levels of power to handle different size doors. LiftMaster has a reputation in the industry for producing affordable openers that are reliable. Safety features include an infrared sensor that can detect any object in the door's path and trigger the opener to reverse directions to avoid damage or an injury. Rolling code technology built into the remote opening system prevents outsiders from stealing the code and gaining access to the garage.

Genie a trusted garage door opener

Genie is another trusted garage door opener manufacturer. Genie offers chain or belt drive openers with a half horsepower motor capable of operating an eight-foot high sectional garage door that weighs up to 500 lbs. For larger doors, a three-quarter horsepower motor will get the job done. Genie's products will move the average door 9' per second and feature soft start and stop technology for smooth operation. You can purchase an optional battery back-up system, which will allow operation even during a power outage.

Battery back-up

The battery back-up utilizes power from the opener motor through a 3' cable and will deliver as many as 50 cycles for the first 24 hours following after the initial power disruption. Garage door openers, just like any other type of machinery, are susceptible to failure due to broken or worn parts. Preventive maintenance will extend the life of the opener's parts and can eliminate the need for costly repairs. Regardless of what type of opener you have on your door, the qualified technicians working for Garage Door Repair Arlington can fix it when something goes wrong. If your garage door opener fails to operate properly, call us for help.

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