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Multiple stationary and moving parts go into manufacturing the typical garage door. Moving a door weighing several hundred pounds safely, efficiently and quickly requires all the various components to work together. Garage Door Repair Arlington can provide any replacement garage door parts you could possibly need at a price you can afford.

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Garage Door Hinges

Door hinges are standard parts used to attach a door to a wall. A sectional door has a series of hinges along the frame that enable individual seconds to pivot every time the door is in motion. A broken hinge will impede movement and in some cases, the door will be stuck in place until a repair specialist replaces the hinge.

Garage Door rollers

Rollers enable the door to move along the track with a smooth motion. These parts may be made of nylon or coated with stainless steel or zinc plating. Steel rollers produce more noise than those made of nylon but because they resist rust, they are preferable in moist environments. Even though nylon rollers are more expensive, they are not as durable as metal rollers. Rollers may have a diameter measuring 3', 2' or 1' depending on the door.

Garage Door Tracks Repair

Garage door tracks provide a guide for the rollers as the door moves. They are available in different widths and lengths depending on the door size and weight. Tracks sometimes become bent and when they do, a trained technician must replace them to avoid damage to the rest of the system. Galvanized tracks stand up well in moist environments but if dirt is allowed to accumulate, the rollers will fail to move smoothly.


Anytime the door moves, the garage door cables are subjected to stress. They can loosen and even snap after years of use. When a cable breaks, other parts of the season are stressed and may also break. The recoil that occurs when a cable breaks generates enough force to cause property damage or a severe injury. This is a good reason to call on a reliable service technician for regular maintenance.

Garage door springs

Your garage door springs play a crucial role in counterbalancing the door every time it is in motion. Extension springs, found on both sides of the door track, are common on heavy doors. The majority of lightweight doors are kept in balance by torsion springs mounted above the door. Because the springs are under extreme tension, only an experienced professional should attempt to replace them.

Drums & Springs

The garage door drums work along with the springs to maintain balance of the door. Doors may feature high-lift cable drums, vertical-lift cable drums or standard-lift cable drums.


Garage door opener gear kits contain everything necessary to replace a broken or worn gear. Kits come with lubricant, washers, a plastic worm wheel, hardware and a gear. They can be used for a variety of different opener models, including those made by LiftMaster and Genie. If you need weather stripping, springs, rollers or any other garage door part, you should call Garage Door Repair Arlington. We are the best local source of quality parts at affordable prices.

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