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The multiple stationary and moving parts necessary to open and close a garage door are part of a complex system. A failure of any of the major or minor components will usually render the door useless until you call the professionals at Garage Door Repair Arlington to come out and fix the problem. Studies indicate that the garage door serves as the main access to the home for the majority of individuals. When you activate the remote, you expect the door to open or close on demand. Anytime the system fails, you are looking at a major inconvenience. If the door is open and refuses to shut, your home's security is at risk because anyone can gain access. If the door is in the closed position and fails to open, you have no way to drive your vehicle in or out.

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Experienced repair specialists

At Garage Door Repair Arlington, our experienced repair specialists have encountered every problem imaginable. They have the skills necessary to repair or replace any part, including cables, rollers and springs. If they are unable to repair the problem, they can replace the door with same day installation that allows you to return to your normal daily activities. Most people consider their garage door opener to be a necessity. Because it weighs several hundred pounds, operating a garage door manually puts strain on the arms, neck and back that can result in a serious injury. Regardless of size, age or strength, anyone can operate an automatic opener by simply pushing a button.

Experience working with openers

Our garage door specialists have experience working with openers made by many different manufacturers. Openers sometimes malfunction due to a problem with the circuit board in the motor. In some cases, the problem may be a worn belt, pulley or chain. A faulty sensor presents a safety hazard because it plays a role in preventing the door from closing if an object, pet or person is in the door's path. If your opener is not working properly, our qualified technicians have the expertise to repair a broken part or replace the opener, which can spare you an injury caused by operating the door manually. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars in costly replacement or repairs by making sure the door receives regular maintenance. Lubricating the moving parts is important because it eliminates friction that causes parts to wear prematurely. Call on us for routine maintenance and you will not have to worry about finding spare time to do it yourself.

Your Time is important to us

We know how valuable your time is to you. That is why we make a point of dispatching a qualified repair specialist to your location as quickly as we can after receiving your call for service. The technician will arrive promptly to inspect your opener or door and will offer an affordable solution for the problem. With our same day installation and service guarantee, you can rely on prompt service that allows you to move on to more important things than worrying about a garage door that will not work properly. Contact the experts at Garage Door Repair Arlington today for fast and affordable maintenance, repairs and installation.

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