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Before purchasing a new garage door, you need to think about the impact the style, construction and color will have on your home's appearance. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Arlington can assist you in selecting a door that matches your specific needs. Factors you need to consider when choosing a garage door include price, function, material and appearance. Steel and wood are the two most common types of garage doors used for residential properties. Of the two, wood is more expensive.

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Steelback garage doors installation

Steelback doors are durable, affordable and require less maintenance than wood. Some doors feature a steel frame covered with a composite material that looks like real wood. Unlike wood, steel can withstand a moist environment without worries about deterioration. The thickness of the door will determine its durability. Doors made with 24-gauge steel are popular because moderate impacts will not cause dents. Thinner doors are less expensive but dent more easily. The sleek profile of a lightweight aluminum garage door is a good fit for any home featuring contemporary architecture. Aluminum doors are common on double car garages because the lighter weight puts less strain on the operating mechanism. Doors with extruded frames and dent resistant panels are more rugged and more expensive than doors featuring panels made with high-density synthetic materials and aluminum frames.

Garage as a workshop

Homeowners who use the garage as a workshop, game room or some other purpose beyond storage should consider installing insulated garage doors. This type of door will dampen the noise generated when the door opens and closes in addition to blocking outside noise and reducing energy costs.

Wood garage doors

These provide an elegant addition to the majority of architectural styles and are available in a wide variety of species. Wood provides a rustic look unlike any other material and homeowners have the option of painting or staining the door to match any exterior design. Wood can withstand a minor impact without damage and allows for a high degree of customization by experienced builders. The biggest disadvantage to choosing a wood door is the maintenance required for it to maintain its original appearance. Wood doors must be sealed or painted periodically to avoid peeling, cracking and splintering.

Custom made garage door

Specialists can build a custom made garage door to the homeowner's exact specifications. A custom door is typically the only option for a door opening that has a slant or features an arch. Doors may feature flush panels or raised panels with varying lengths. A flush panel is smooth and preferable when homeowners want to avoid distracting from the surrounding architectural design. Raised panels give a door dimension and attract the eye because they are more decorative. A symmetrical house design or one with intricate trim will look best with a door featuring raised panels that are short. Doors with glass windows enhance curb appeal while allowing natural light to reach the interior. The specialists at Garage Door Repair Dallas can assist you in finding a suitable garage door for your home and install it the same day. Our affordable maintenance service will add years to the life of your door and help it retain its original appearance. Contact us to explore your options when you need a new garage door.

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