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'This morning, one of the two torsion springs broke on my garage, trapping my car inside. I contacted Garage Door Repair Arlington and a repairman was at the house in less than an hour. He explained that I should have both springs replaced since the second one would probably break soon. The price he quoted me was fair, so I agreed. By early afternoon, my garage door was fixed and working like new. The repairman was courteous, helpful and made sure I understood exactly what he was doing. I was pleased with the overall experience. I will not hesitate to recommend Garage Door Repair Arlington to all my friends and family members when they need repairs.' ' Mark B, Arlington, TX

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Thought I could install it myself

'I recently bought a new garage door opener and thought I could install it myself. Big mistake! After hours of trying, I gave up and called Garage Door Repair Arlington. The technician arrived at my house the same day. I had already unpacked the new opener and parts were lying all over the place after my failed installation attempt. The tech never batted an eye at the mess I made. He went right to work and within an hour my opener was installed and working perfectly. The next time I have a problem, I will call Garage Door Repair Arlington first and save myself the hassle.' ' Thomas D, Arlington, TX

Dented one of the panels

'My teenage son ran into the garage door with the car and dented one of the panels pretty badly. I was afraid that I was going to have to replace the whole door. I made an appointment with Garage Door Repair Arlington and the technician arrived right on time. He examined the door and told me he would be able to replace the panel for far less than it would cost to buy a new door. I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the job he did.' - Patti L, Arlington, TX

For a few dollars more I could purchase a new one

'I was having trouble with my garage door opener, which was several years old and called Garage Door Repair Arlington for help. When the repairman arrived, he checked out the opener and explained that it needed several parts but for a few dollars more I could purchase a new one. He left the decision up to me and didn't pressure me in any way. I decided to go ahead and purchase the new opener. It was installed and I was happy with the result, especially the fact that the new opener was so much quieter than the old one. I will do business with these guys again anytime.' ' Rosalee E, Arlington, TX

Need help with a broken garage door or opener?

'If you need help with a broken garage door or opener, I highly recommend Garage Door Repair Arlington. Everybody I spoke to was polite and helpful. The repairman wasted no time in replacing the rollers on my garage. He even took the time to make sure all the moving parts were lubricated to prevent future failure. These guys are the best! Give them a call. You'll be glad you did.' ' Michael N., Arlington, TX

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